7 Signs That Your Child May Be Experiencing Hearing Loss

Compared to older adults, it’s often the most difficult to spot hearing loss in children for a few reasons. Not only are the signs more discrete, but children also may not understand what hearing loss feels like as they don’t know any different. To help you understand the signs of hearing loss in children and how to spot any issues early on, we’ve identified 7 of the most common signs that your child is developing or has been suffering from hearing loss. 

Little to No Reaction to Loud Noises

If you’ve noticed that your child has little to no reaction to loud noises or sounds, this may be a sign that they are struggling with their hearing. It is uncommon for children to tune out loud sounds, so if they have no reaction or are failing to acknowledge significant noises, this may be something to investigate further. 

Your Child Doesn’t Always Respond

If your child isn’t responding to you or others who are talking to them, this could be another sign of hearing loss. They may not be ignoring you on purpose, they simply may not be able to hear you or can’t understand what you’re saying.  If your child is constantly saying “what?” and you’re having to constantly repeat yourself, it might be time for a hearing test.

Your Child Has Stopped Exploring Sounds 

This is more for toddlers and younger children who are still learning to talk. If you notice your child isn’t experimenting with sounds, babbling or making noises, this is something to take note of. If a child struggles to hear others speak, they’re likely to struggle with their own speech development.

Your Child Isn’t Noticing Toys That Make Noise or Doesn’t React When Spoken To

Your young child or toddler might be struggling with their hearing if they have toys that make noise and sings songs and they’re failing to react to them when they’re turned on. Generally speaking, a child will be amused with toys like this. Likewise, if you call your child’s name or are speaking to them and they don’t react or look at you, this could also be a cause for concern.

Your Child Is Telling You They Can’t Hear You 

Although this may seem rather obvious to some, it may not be to parents and family. If your child is often telling you or others that they cannot hear you, this should not be taken lightly. If they’re truly experiencing hearing issues, this is something that you should look into. 

Your Child Talks Loudly

When your child is speaking rather loudly, or if the volume of their speech is slowly increasing, there is usually a reason for this. For example, they may not be able to hear the level of their own voice, which is causing them to speak louder. Having open communication with your child and asking them if they’re meaning to speak at that volume will help you get to the root of the issue much quicker. 

Your Child Can’t Follow Basic Commands

If your child is past the point where they should understand and follow basic commands but aren’t, this could be a clear sign that your child experiencing hearing loss or having difficulty hearing. While it may seem that your child is acting out or being rebellious, this isn’t always the case. As children don’t always recognize that they’re having hearing troubles, talking to a specialist and explaining the situation with your child will give you both a much better understanding of what is going on. 

Hearing loss can be overwhelming for both the parents and the child. Should you have any concerns regarding your child’s hearing, big or small, be sure to book an appointment with a specialist at The Hearing Clinic for a hearing test. We will work with you to identify a personalized solution. Contact us today!