Hearing Aid Repair

Tired of facing ongoing problems with your hearing aids? Hearing aids are made up of small working parts and they need repair after a certain period of time. Hearing aids need to be comfortable and adjusted to your hearing needs, specifically for the different environments where you spend your day.
If you hearing aids are providing feedback or interference, or if the fit is not snug, we will check for any visible signs of damage or malfunction. These situations demand professional attention by our staff who are trained to help. Sometime these situations arise even when the aids are taken care of properly.

Connect with us if you are in a dilemma whether your hearing aids need repair or cleaning. Sometimes, home cleaning is not enough. Our experts can test your hearing while you are wearing the hearing aids to ensure a proper fit and sound quality.
Hearing aids require regular and proper maintenance which involve periodic adjustments, regular cleanings and ongoing counselling.
We are here to help you hear better, to improve your quality of life.

Hearing Aid Repair

Repair Service

Nothing is more frustrating that improperly working hearing aids. It’s a hindrance and a nuisance to your daily routine and everyone wants it fixed as soon as possible. If the repairs are simple, they are easily managed at our clinic. If the damage is more severe, the hearing aids are sent to the manufacturers for repair.

Loaner with Repair Service

In some cases, we can provide loaner devices so patients don’t go without while their hearing aids are out for repair.