Hearing Testing

We are here to make your life richer with the symphony of sounds. Our only goal is to help you hear better and bring a positive change to your life. Everything we do, is a step towards achieving our goal, be it hiring skilled staff, providing expert advice, the brands we choose and our comprehensive hearing tests.

Our highly skilled and professional staff completely understands that each person has a unique story. What works for your friend is not necessarily going to work for you. So, with our cutting-edge hearing aid technology, we recommend appropriate solutions according to every individual’s listening needs and preferences.

How Do We Test Your Hearing?

On the day of your hearing evaluation, you will be welcomed by our friendly front office staff. They will help you to fill out many important forms regarding your personal information, medical history and insurance.

Once the hearing evaluation begins, the expert audiologist will evaluate important personal information and will investigate specific environments and situations where you usually experience communication difficulties..

After that, we may inspect your internal ear by the means of an otoscope. We will check if there is any earwax in the ear canal and will also check your eardrum.

Through this testing we will determine:

  • If there is a hearing loss
  • The cause of this hearing loss
  • The level and category of hearing loss
  • If the loss is in one or both ears
  • The appropriate treatment