The Hearing Clinic team believes in not just restoring your hearing as best as possible, but improving it beyond your prior experience. This is why we’re excited to offer Oticon hearing aids in Scarborough and elsewhere in the GTA from our various local clinics. We’re sure to have a style, design, features, and a price point that aligns with your expectations – and possibly exceeds them.

Improved Speech Comprehension and 360-Degree Audio

Innovative new products such as the Oticon Opn S are designed to help you join in on the conversation through improved clarity and drastically reduced processing artifacts. The result? Speech comprehension as good as with normal hearing, if not better. This way, whether you’re in a noisy room or at a quiet gathering, you can enjoy and contribute to the conversation with confidence. In addition, say goodbye to whistling sounds with technology designed to protect your hearing, along with 360-degree sound for greater spatial awareness.

Convenient Features

Oticon hearing aids and accessories incorporate premium components and meticulously thought-out design to optimize for comfort, audio performance and reception, battery efficiency, and more. That’s why you’ll find plenty of innovative features to enjoy: HearingFitness technology that tracks usage to provide hearing health advice, seamless connectivity via ConnectLine streaming accessories and Bluetooth, and more.

Multiple Styles and Lines

With The Hearing Clinic and Oticon, choice is anything but limited when it comes to selecting the right hearing aids. From the Sensei and Nera styles to more mainstream products such as the ever-popular Opn range, devices are available in a variety of configurations including in-the-canal and in-the-ear formats. Along with beautiful finishes, streamlined and elegant form factors and a wide price range, we’re bound to have the right product for you.

Products that Put People First

Oticon’s mission is to put the customer – and their experience – first, a goal shared by our team at The Hearing Clinic. Therefore, it only makes sense that our collaboration can deliver incredible results for improved quality of everyday life. Even those who suffer from severe hearing loss may benefit from solutions such as the Opn MiniRITE, while Oticon’s invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids are designed to both be incredibly discreet yet ensure safe insertion and removal. Regardless of your choice, you can be assured of a solution that is built to optimize your hearing – and make everyday life all the more enjoyable.

A hearing test and custom fitting are all it takes to determine which hearing solution is ideal for your use case and specific needs. To learn more about available Oticon hearing aids in Scarborough, Newmarket, or elsewhere in the GTA, reach out to us today!