Choosing the right hearing aids in Toronto or subsequent companion devices can be a challenge – there are simply so many brands and unique products to choose from! The Hearing Clinic is here to help inform your purchasing decision by exploring offerings by Signia, made possible by manufacturer Sivantos. In fact, Sivantos is one of the world’s leading hearing aid producers, collaborating with iconic companies such as Siemens, Rexton, and Signia. Let’s explore some reasons to consider the latter when shopping for new hearing aids and hearing aid accessories.

Variety, in Every Sense of the Word

Interested in reliable in-the-canal hearing aids, Bluetooth-capable devices or otherwise? The Hearing Clinic and Signia have you covered. New products are always on the way, and the company has established a wide range of popular products over the years that continue to be in relatively high demand. Our selection of Signia in-ear hearing aids in Scarborough, for instance, offers deep customization to ensure the perfect fit and ideal performance, while brilliant new solutions such as the Styletto Connect pair premium design with quick and hassle-free recharging.

Accurate, Detailed Sound

Similar to a pair of over-the-ear headphones with a full, realistic soundstage, Signia is all about quality achieved through depth and clarity. Their hearing aids deliver the sound that nature intended – accurate, thoughtful replication is a key reason to choose Signia. Voices sound clear and natural, music is richer and more dynamic than ever, and your environmental awareness will benefit from boosted spatial awareness.

Streamlined User Experience

Signia is known for the myControl App, which is available as a free download for iOS and Android via their respective primary app stores. Once installed, you have the ability to take full control of your hearing experience, no matter where you are. Advanced remote-control options allow you to adjust settings and personalize on the fly, ensuring optimization for the best experience. The Signia myHearing App is another download we recommend, enabling instant help and even live remote tuning via your smartphone.

Built to Last – and Impress

Signia hearing aids are designed to perform at their peak for longer, assembled using high-quality materials and components. This also delivers improved sound quality, reception clarity, and dynamic features such as wireless music and call streaming that allow you to do even more with these devices.

Are you ready to discover the Signia experience? Our team would love to help make it happen, complete with a comprehensive hearing test and custom fitting to achieve ideal results. Contact us today to learn more and book that initial consultation!