Looking for Starkey hearing aids in Scarborough, Newmarket, or elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area? The Hearing Clinic has you covered. Known for their quality, feature set, and range of styles, Starkey is one of the most popular and iconic hearing aid producers. Therefore, we’re a proud supplier of the latest and greatest innovations from this esteemed manufacturer. With our help and their technology, we can ensure you benefit from a precise, comfortable fit – and the best possible experience based on your hearing capabilities.

Improved Reactivity and Comprehension

Starkey hearing aids designed to help the wearer become more alert and focused on the surrounding environment, in time becoming the new norm in their hearing when wearing such devices. This can lead to improved reaction times, such as crossing the street and hearing a car neglecting pedestrian right-of-way blaring their horn sooner. The same principle can be applied to everyday life, where conversations with loved ones and friends can go deeper through improved speech comprehension and attentiveness.

A Wide Variety of Styles, Colours and More

We have something for every individual based on their specific preference for design, ear shape, and hearing health. Invisible hearing aids, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, and receiver-in-canal variants are readily available. There are even completely-in-canal devices that offer quick, safe insertion and extraction.

Modern, Convenience-Rich Features

Whether interested in purchasing Starkey hearing aids in Scarborough, Bendale, or otherwise, know that full wireless connectivity is included as a standard, much-loved feature. In addition, each also incorporates innovative technology to help alleviate tinnitus symptoms. Select products such as receiver-in-canal models include rechargeable solutions, and you could also consider a behind-the-ear variant for hearing and activity tracking, single-sided hearing and more.

User-Friendly Hearing Aid Accessories

The Hearing Clinic is also pleased to offer Starkey hearing aid accessories, including everything from hearing protection and personal audio solutions to rechargeable hearing aid companion devices and wireless networking. There are also user-friendly apps available including TruLink, which enables you to use your smartphone or smartwatch as a remote control for your hearing aids. Or, try out Thrive Hearing, compatible with iOS and Android; it’s capable of monitoring hearing performance, providing advice on how best to optimize for maximum hearing performance, and delivering improved wireless streaming with lower latency.

With a wide range of streamlined features, a style and finish for every preference and need, and performance that delivers next-level hearing, Starkey is an iconic choice for a reason. Learn more or book your hearing test by reaching out to our team today.