Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aid fitting is a critical factor for a satisfying experience with your hearing aids. There is nothing better than getting a hearing aid that fits to your ears and is customized to your hearing requirements and preferences.

First, our skilled professionals will make sure that your hearing aids are completely comfortable for you, after that they will program the hearing instruments based on your hearing loss.

Enjoy the best Sounds with Your Hearing Aids

The experts at our clinic will program your hearing aids based on the results of your hearing evaluation, taking into account your personal preferences and specific listening environments. We will set your hearing instrument so you can hear properly in every environment, be it crowds, restaurants or any other difficult listening situation. Hearing is completely personal, so even if two people have the same degree of hearing loss, they may choose to have their hearing aids programmed differently.

Live Speech Mapping

At the Hearing Clinic, Live Speech Mapping is used. It is basically a procedure in which probe microphones and live speech is used so as to make you and your family realize the benefits of hearing aids and customized fitting changes.

Hearing and Follow-up Care

We aim to provide you with the maximum benefit from your hearing aids. During the series of two or more follow up visits, we will check what situations you are showing progress and where you require improvement. We will fine tune your hearing aids as per your experience with them.

Keep in mind that the advanced hearing aids we use today are highly programmable, even minor adjustments can make a big difference. Every hearing aid must be comfortable in terms of physical fit as well as sound intensity and quality. If you have any discomfort, simply return to us as we have many options available to provide you with a most comfortable fit.


Getting to know your Hearing Aids

Adjusting to new things requires time, and the same is true for adjusting to hearing aids. Be patient as many factors contribute to the adjustment period for hearing aid users. Some common factors that may affect the adjustment period are; level of hearing loss, length of time without hearing aids, family support to help, the amount of time you wear them. In our experience, some patients require only a few days to get used to hearing aids whereas others may need a few weeks to a few months.

Hearing loss rarely occurs immediately, but often occurs over many years. It is important not to ignore even small signs that your hearing has changed. It takes practice and time to become comfortable with hearing aids. There is no shortcut in becoming accustomed to hearing aids so patients is important as the brain adjusts to the new sounds of the hearing instruments. If you feel uncomfortable even after a certain period of time, return to our office for further adjustments or consultations. We are here to help.

Get the Most out of your Hearing Aids

Getting acquainted with hearing aids requires an adjustment period, therefore we suggest you wear your hearing aids as often as you can. The more time you spend wearing them, the more your brain will become accustomed to it.

Have open communication with us regarding any adjustments so that our team can work on reprogramming the devices to ensure they work better in that particular situation. It may require two or three visits to get them right.