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Which are the Best Hearing Brands

Every individual has unique hearing issues. The hearing aid that best fits your friend, may not be suitable for your hearing needs. We at The Hearing Clinic have an array of hearing instruments from world-class manufacturers available to us to help us make the best recommendation for you.

Call us to make an appointment and get the best fitting hearing aids today. Have a conversation with our experts to get an in-depth hearing screening to determine what kind of hearing loss you have and what are the best solutions to help. We will work closely with you and recommend the best hearing device that meet your hearing needs, your preferences and budget.



Widex is one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids and takes pride in having remained a family-owned company since its inception. The company has a large selection of traditional hearing aids and offers niche products for conditions such as tinnitus. Widex aims to create the best sound quality possible for their customers by continuing to develop their product line. Their research and development has been responsible for countless breakthroughs in hearing aid technology.


Signia & Siemens

Signia is a world-leader in hearing aid technology. They’ve developed and perfected countless hearing aids that have been clinically proven to work better than natural hearing. They operate in over 120 countries worldwide and provide millions of people with custom-fit hearing devices.

Siemens is one of the most well-known hearing aid brands under the Signia umbrella. Siemens has been a trusted name in audiology for over a century. With the resources of Signia behind them, they’re able to offer a wider selection of products and styles, while continuing to innovate hearing technology through their superior understanding of hearing loss.



Phonak is a globally trusted distributor of hearing aids. They are well known for their wireless and rechargeable products as well as their new dust and water-resistant hearing aids. Phonak also funds a charity called Hear the World, aimed at providing disadvantaged people with hearing loss the ability to hear again.



Starkey Hearing Technologies understands the human element of audiology. For over 50 years, they’ve been able to restore rich, full lives to those with hearing loss through their technology. The company recognizes what a life changing event hearing well again can be — not only for those with hearing loss, but for their families as well. Starkey has a wide variety of hearing aid styles and specialized hearing devices, so every patient can be fitted to meet their needs.



Unitron is an award-winning manufacturer of hearing aids. They have a unique design approach that focuses on simplicity and appeals to many hearing aid shoppers. With this mindset they’ve been able to create the world’s smallest hearing aid, among other products.



Resound’s hearing aid styles for adults and children are some of the most varied on the market, including models that are among the smallest and most powerful available. In addition, the company offers sophisticated digital technology to meet the specific needs of military veterans and others with special hearing needs.



Rexton hearing aids are exclusively provided by medical professionals so they can be professionally fitted to provide customers with comfort and superior hearing. The company has a wide variety of hearing aids aimed to offer a high quality of life to patients.



Oticon is a global leader in hearing science and technology. Oticon wants to ensure that customers are comfortable with their hearing aids so they can get back to enjoying an active lifestyle without interruptions. Each year the company honors their slogan to “put people first” by recognizing those with hearing loss who have positively impacted their local communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

An audiologist can test your hearing and help you select the most appropriate hearing aids to fit your needs. Let your audiologist know what you’re looking for in the hearing aid, including preferred size and features. They will help you find the brand that caters best to your lifestyle.

The hearing aid you select will depend on the severity of your hearing loss. Widex prides itself on sound quality, with a continuous focus on delivering the best sound possible. Right now, the top three brands on the market in terms of sound quality are Widex, Signia and Resound. Each powerful in their own way, it is best to consult with your audiologist before picking a brand.

Based on the results of your hearing test, your audiologist will advise you on the best type of hearing aid and brand for your needs, as well as how to use and adjust them. It’s important to consider your lifestyle as well. For example, if you’re looking for something waterproof and live a more active lifestyle, Phonak may be best for you. However, if you’re set on a smaller size, Resound may have the product you need.

Yes, choosing the wrong type of hearing aid can do more harm than good. All brands and types of hearing aids have different characteristics to fit a variety of individual needs and hearing abilities. With such a wide selection to choose from, it can be challenging to know which option is best for you. This is why it is crucial to have an assessment done by an audiologist prior to selecting your hearing aids.

No, modern technology has transformed the hearing aid industry. Resound and Unitron are known for having some of the smallest yet most powerful hearing aids on the market. If a smaller hearing aid is something that interests you, it’s important to talk to your audiologist and which option is best for you.

Yes, you can get a custom fit hearing aid from all manufacturers.