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The Best Hearing Aids for You

There are ample choices of hearing aids available in the market. From almost invisible, to very comfortable and high fidelity hearing aids. We have hundreds of options to choose, from different manufacturers, from different types and styles to different levels of technology. With the right hearing aids, your quality of life can be much better, choose the wrong ones and the opposite can happen. That’s why we can help you choose hearing aids that are appropriate for your lifestyle and your needs, keeping important things like budget and comfort at the forefront.

Get in touch with our professional hearing experts today, we can help with fittings, adjusts, and we will properly program your hearing aids so that you can experience the best hearing. There are a variety of options from traditional behind the ear (BTE), receiver in the ear (RITE), and receiver in the canal (RIC) types.

We program the hearing device to fulfil your particular requirements so that it fits you perfectly. We will even instruct you on the correct way to put on and remove your hearing aids. We will give you directions on how to change batteries and how to maintain the devices. We’ll let you know about all the functions of your hearing aids so that you can get the maximum benefits out of them. Get to know more about hearing aid fitting here

Selecting Hearing Aids

Working Of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids make use of tiny microphones to gather sounds. A computer chip then transforms the incoming sound, examines it and modifies the sound based on your hearing loss. Then you listen to the audio signals through very small speakers in your ears.

Which hearing aid will best suit you? It is determined by the extremity of your hearing loss, the environments where you want to hear better, how active your lifestyle is and which technology will best suit you.

Hearing Evaluation

While your hearing is evaluated, we will use case history to discover the type of hearing related problems that you are having. We’ll inquire about the origin of your hearing loss, and if you are experiencing tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and/or dizziness.

Based on the results of the hearing test and the answers to some lifestyle questions, our skilled hearing experts will make an appropriate recommendation or possibly a referral to a doctor for further cross-examination and appropriate treatment. If the initial testing discloses a sensorineural hearing loss, we will recommend the use of hearing aids.

There is a wide variety of hearing aids available on the market today. Our professionals will narrow the choices for you by making use of the information provide at your evaluation. You and our staff together will be able to make an informed decision on which hearing aid will best suit you. The two leading types of hearing aids are conventional analog hearing aids and the new digital hearing aids.


Hearing Aid Fitting

We program the hearing device to fulfil your particular requirements so that it fits you perfectly. We will provide clear instructions to you about the correct way to put on and remove your hearing aids. We will give you directions on how to change batteries and how to maintain your new hearing aids. We’ll let you know about all the functions of your hearing aids so that you can get the maximum benefits out of them. Get to know more about hearing aid fitting here..

Digital Hearing Aids: The contemporary hearing solutions

Using basic hearing aids is fine if you wish to hear better at home only. But if you want an enhanced hearing quality in the car, in a noisy restaurant, at the busy supermarket, in an important public meeting, and in many other listening environments, you’ll need a more advanced digital hearing aid.

It is a fact that with increased use of the hearing aids you will be better engaged with your friends and family and will lead a happy and more satisfied life.

One Hearing Aid vs. Two Hearing Aids

God has blessed us with two years because we need two ears. So if both of your ears have hearing loss, it will be beneficial to wear a hearing aid in each ear so you experience an even sense of hearing which will give you an improved quality of life. Wearing two hearing aids will:

  • Enhance your hearing ability in noisy places,
  • Help you identify where sounds are originating from,
  • Let you understand speech better, even from a distance,
  • Help you to listen to soft sounds
  • Send a fuller quality of sound to your ears.

Which are the Top Brands?

We’ve invested a long time choosing a few best manufacturers that we know very closely.
The reason for dealing only with the top manufacturers is so we can become experts at that technology which in turn allows us to fine tune and enhance the experience for you resulting in an improved quality of your hearing. Contact us if you want a free demo and get to know which hearing aid and brand suits you the best.

How Much Should You Spend on Hearing Aids?

Various factors determine the price you pay for your hearing devices. If you live a more sedentary lifestyle, quiet, peaceful and not to active, then you will likely require a basic hearing aid..

If you are still working or actively social, have plenty of social or work meetings, often talk on the phone, love to listen to music, watch TV and like socializing with people, your hearing aid use is going to be quite high. In fact, you will need to wear your hearing aids for about 12 to 16 hours a day so you will need a device that works constantly and provides the absolute best sound quality. A device that can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Like everything else in life, for high use situations, buying higher-quality hearing aids is a great investment. They will help you stay connected and better meet your expectations.

The Cost and Usefulness of Hearing Aids

The price and value are completely different aspects. To realize the real value of your hearing aids, start noting down all the situations when your hearing devices made your tasks easier. Make a list of the moments that you enjoyed with your better hearing ability. Notice all such situations and calculate what is the value of a hearing aid in making you an active part of a conversation. Hence the worth of your hearing aid comes out to be much more than its cost.

Factors that Determines the Cost of Hearing Aids

The cost of a hearing aid is directly proportional to its features and function. The device with more advanced features and better performance obviously costs more. The least visible hearing aids that perform well for a wide array of listening environments and are specially fabricated for people who have a very active lifestyle.

Just like any other technology, hearing aids’ cost depends upon the features that you select and the type that your audiologist recommends. The better features and function usually result in higher prices.

For instance, for someone with a very active lifestyle, we suggest the use of dual microphones to improve sound quality even in noisy environments. Most of our clients really appreciate this feature.

All our hearing aids come with a trial period of two months from the date of purchase. Within this time, you can visit our clinic for adjustments as often as you need. And if due to any reason you are dissatisfied with the device, you can return it back to us for a 100% refund. There are no fitting or restocking fees.

Hearing Aids and Insurance Cover

Hearing aids are not covered under the provincial Medical Services Plan. But there exist many funding options including individual Extended Health Benefit plans, WorkSafe Insurance Board (WSIB), Veterans’ Affairs Canada and the *Assistive Devices Program (ADP) grant of $500 per ear. Eligibility includes any Ontario resident who has a valid Ontario Health card issued in their name. Check the Ministry of Health website for details. Click here

We’ll help you take the right decision and make a perfect choice for your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. Call us today