At Upper Canada Hearing & Speech Centre, we believe that every set of ears deserves compassionate, knowledgeable care. Highly trained and experienced Audiologist at our convenient Newmarket location is ready to help deliver sound advice you can count on. Every set of ears is unique, and therefore, every person has a unique experience. We’re happy to provide an expert opinion on what’s best for your personal hearing health. In addition, we can help you benefit from incredible technology-packed solutions that are designed to be comfortable and convenient. We also offer some of the most comprehensive hearing tests in Newmarket.

Superior Service, Superior Results

Our team’s focus is on your comfort, wellness, and peace of mind. It’s why we pay close attention to your specific needs, condition and hearing history to deliver the most informed and practical advice. Whether you’re in for a checkup, information on how to manage tinnitus, a custom hearing aid fitting or otherwise, we remain committed to ensuring you enjoy your experience with us – and the results to come. We also offer after-care service that helps your hearing devices perform at their best – so you can perform at your best in everyday life.


Incredible Hearing Solutions

As experts on all things hearing aids with a goal of helping our customers, our Newmarket team is very particular about which solutions we offer. Therefore, our selection of hearing aids is not only large but also hand-selected, including the most trustworthy brands in the business. We carry custom-fitted hearing aids in Newmarket from the likes of Widex, Sivantos, Unitron and more, including analogue, in-the-canal (ITC), wireless, and other styles. We also have assistive listening devices and other accessories in stock, making it easier than ever to improve your hearing. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more.

An Accurate Diagnosis

If you’re looking for a hearing test in Newmarket that’s comprehensive and detail-focused, Upper Canada Hearing & Speech Centre is your best bet. Our Audiologists adapt their service to your needs and current hearing situation, ensuring we can work with the most accurate results possible. This helps us present a concrete diagnosis you can trust, on which we can narrow down the list of potential treatment or device-based solutions.

Are you ready to restore your hearing as much as possible, all under the guiding and helping hands of our experienced team? We would love to help and look forward to meeting you. Contact us today to book a hearing test in Newmarket or learn more about our available services.


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