Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

Hearing aids accessories are often sold as added benefits to extend the capabilities of your hearing aids. Assistive listening devices let you take advantage of a whole new world of sounds. They make it easy for you, as a hearing aid user, to communicate with your audio equipment, remote controls, television, and mobile or landline phones.

All hearing aid devices run on mercury-free zinc air batteries. Our batteries are coded with a number and a colour to make it easy to remember what size you require. Check your device instructions to find out which colour you need.

Batteries and Accessories

Our Audiologists Will Show You What You Need- and
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How do I know which battery to order for my hearing aid?

How do I know which color or number battery fits my hearing aid?

How long will my battery last?

Why don’t these batteries last longer?

How can I avoid running out of batteries?

Where should I store my hearing aid batteries?

It’s not a good idea to keep batteries in the refrigerator. Condensation and moisture can harm them. Avoid extremes in temperature. Hearing aid batteries like room temperature, just like you.

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