Do I Really Need Hearing Aids?

In most cases, hearing loss is gradual, and most people don’t notice they have a hearing issue. In most cases, their friends and family usually pick up on it first. But there are some telltale signs that you can look out for that can help you determine whether or not you are experiencing hearing loss and need hearing aids. Here are some of the most common indicators. 

You’re Constantly Turning Up the Volume

Are your friends and family complaining about how loud your TV is? Do you struggle to hear people over the phone even when the volume is all the way up? These are all potential indicators that your hearing is diminishing, and a hearing aid might be required to make the sounds louder so that you can hear clearly at a normal volume.

You’re Straining to Hear In Restaurants

Another sign of hearing loss is when you can’t understand speech or hear the person sitting across from you when in noisy environments. This type of hearing loss often happens when you’ve been exposed to frequent loud noises that impact the hair cells in your inner ear. Although you cannot repair the damaged cells, this type of hearing loss can be easily treated with hearing aids. 

You Can’t Tell Where the Sound Is Coming From

The ability to tell the direction from where a sound is coming from is called localization. Being able to localize allows us to avoid hazards such as oncoming traffic and falling items. It also helps us turn toward the sound to enhance communication and listening. When there is a reduction in our localization ability, hearing loss is often to blame. Fortunately, there are specialized hearing aids that can help to optimize sound localization to help you hear better.

You Hear Ringing or Humming Sounds

Are you experiencing intermittent or continuous ringing, buzzing, humming or other strange sounds when no such sound is present? You might be suffering from a symptom called Tinnitus. In most cases, it’s a temporary annoyance but in severe cases, it can indicate a hearing issue. This can eventually impact your concentration and sleep, resulting in psychological distress.  Tinnitus is often the result of damage to the nerve endings in the inner ear or auditory centers in the brain. So if you are diagnosed with this condition, a hearing aid might be recommended to help mask the sounds and reduce the ringing in the ears.

You Don’t Hear the Birds Anymore

High-frequency hearing loss can impact the way you hear certain high pitch sounds. This often limits your ability to hear women’s and children’s voices, certain constant sounds like the buttons on the microwave and the bird sounds outdoors. Losing hearing this way can make you feel disconnected from the people you love and the world around you. But these sounds aren’t necessarily lost forever. Hearing aids can help you get those sounds back that you’ve been missing. 

You’ve Stopped Hearing Low Pitch Sounds 

Another form of hearing loss, called reverse-slope, can prevent you from hearing low pitched sounds such as thunder and musical instruments like the bass. But don’t worry, this issue can also be treated. The secret to treating reverse-slope hearing loss is with the right hearing aid that will pinpoint the frequencies you have been struggling with.

You’re Suddenly Struggling At Work

If you can’t hear your colleagues when they’re speaking to you directly or when talking over a conference call, it’s eventually going to impact your work. And asking people to repeat what they said over and over again will only annoy your colleagues even more. If you are struggling to hear voices at a normal volume or when following spoken direction, it’s time to get a hearing test before it impacts your career. 

Your Own Voice Sounds Strange

Auditory loss can also make your voice sound different to you. You might even be speaking louder than normal to compensate for your voice sounding softer in your head. If you or someone else you know mentions this sudden change in tone, you should book in a hearing test as soon as possible. Untreated hearing loss will only get worse over time.

Most people do not realize they have hearing loss until the damage becomes serious, so the sooner you act, the better. If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, it’s important to get a hearing test completed by an audiologist to determine if hearing loss is the cause and what type of treatment options are available. Book a consultation today at The Hearing Clinic, and we’ll help you get the proper treatment you need to hear clearly once again. We’ll inspect your hearing and determine the best course of action based on your needs, lifestyle and budget.