How to Know you have a Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a prevalent problem all over the world. Unfortunately, numerous people struggle with hearing loss and are not even aware they have a problem. So, what are the signs that indicate a hearing loss and why people are unable to know they have a hearing problem?

Common signs of hearing loss may include?


Chats are hard to follow

Hearing loss makes conversations difficult to follow. It may be due to several reasons, including:

  • Background noise interfering with the speech sounds
  • Trouble identifying the speaker in a group
  • Consonants are hard to understand

People sound like they’re whispering

If you have a hearing loss, you will feel that people mumble more than ever before. This common symptom of hearing loss becomes apparent when the hearing loss affects the higher frequencies. The upper frequencies help you differentiate consonant and vowel sounds. When you struggle hearing high frequencies, you feel as everyone is mumbling.

Asking “What?” becomes your Habit

When you often ask people to repeat themselves, it is a sign that you have developed a hearing issue. Hearing loss often disturbs the frequencies representing speech sounds. You every so often misunderstand the softer consonants such as S and F, B and V or P.

Background noise seems Confusing

Background noise may leave you feeling puzzled if you are suffering from a hearing loss. Though you struggle to spot out where the sounds are coming from but can’t hear conversations so well in a crowded or noisy place. It may be extremely unpleasant and even painful. For some people, the background noise can become so irritating that they withdraw from many social activities.


The continuous whistling, clicking and ticking noises in your ears can really get you down. Tinnitus is generally related to hearing loss. Not everyone having a hearing loss suffer from Tinnitus, but it can have a major impact on the quality of life of those suffering from it.

Luckily, hearing aids provide significant relief for most tinnitus sufferers.
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TV Volumes turned up So High

The ones with hearing difficulties turn up the TV or radio volume up to levels that are uncomfortable for others present there. If your family members keep complaining about the loud volume, turn the volume down or just leave the room, you should consider going for a hearing test.

The expert audiologists at The Hearing Clinics Toronto carry out a thorough hearing test. Our advanced hearing aids of top hearing aid companies in Canada offer full connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipped devices. It means you connect directly with the TV, stereo or phone and hear restfully without troubling anyone else.

Hearing Loss Signs in young children

Healthy hearing is in young children and plays a significant role in developing language and social skills. So, it’s important to detect any hearing problems in children as soon as possible.

Signs of hearing loss in very young children comprise:

  • The passive response towards noises
  • No facial expressions when spoken to
  • Not pointing at items, you name
  • Talking problems
  • Earaches
  • Problems in studying


If you realize that you have hearing loss, visit a knowledgeable audiologist who can test your hearing and suggest the best treatment.

Leaving your hearing loss untreated can worsen the problem and can also lead to other health issues.